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Christian Name
  |  DRE# 02053909

Christian’s passion for real estate stretches from the ground up and inside out. His sharp sense of design, function, and style fuels his drive to match people with the perfect property for their lifestyle. Don’t be surprised when you first meet Christian to see him pull up on his Harley Davidson. His sense of adventure and love for California takes him from his sailboat in Santa Barbara to four-wheeling on Pismo Beach to music festivals in Palm Springs. Christian moved from Washington DC to LA when he was just 15 years old, drawn by the sunshine and surf. He brought his East Coast sensibilities of design, integrity, and hard work. Christian has spent his time in California getting to know the ins and outs of every neighborhood. His love of development started young when his grandfather cemented his Argentinian roots by giving him a large tract of mountain property at just 5 years old. His interest and expertise lean him towards the new, trendy, young, and forward-looking markets. High-end, luxurious, modern living can coexist with the emerging green design movements. Christian has worked with Jane Goodall and her “Roots and Shoots” youth program to foster a love and respect for cultures, animals, and the environment. Through his multiple real estate flips in Santa Barbara, The Hollywood Hills, and Beverly Hills, Christian has developed an exciting and energetic network of designers and contractors that take the most boring house in the neighborhood and turn it into a star! When Christian isn’t working you will find him playing with his 3 dogs, traveling with his girlfriend, driving race cars, off-roading and searching for his next big project to flip

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